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Orion Timberlands

Orion Timberlands

Forest Management

Pre-certification consultation

Due Diligence

Management Planning

Harvest Operations


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Forest management

At Orion Timberlands, forest management begins with total understanding of the goals of the individual landowner. We work to achieve those goals in the most efficient, effective, and economical way possible. Read more »

Pre-certification consultation

Certification is a means of demonstrating to the public that your forestry practices adhere to objective standards for sustainable forestry. Certification also provides forest managers with independent, expert review of their forest management programs. Read more »

Due diligence

Orion offers a comprehensive suite of services to potential timberland investors - both large and small. Orion personnel have been involved in a variety of investment projects. Read more »

Management planning


Forest management planning is a process that helps the landowner and the land manager to identify the resources and opportunities available on the property, and to clearly state what the landowners primary objectives for the property are, which can include anything from timber management, wildlife management to recreation management. Read more »

Harvest operations

From the harvesting and transportation of timber to road and bridge building, our team of professionals will get the job done cost effectively meeting the landowner's long-term goals and objectives. Read more »


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