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Orion Timberlands

Orion Timberlands

Forest Management

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Forest Management

At Orion Timberlands, forest management begins with total understanding of the goals and objectives of the individual landowner. Orion works with our clients to help them define their objectives by refining their goals. These objectives provide guidance and give substance to the management program.

Elements of the management program are further developed and structured to meet and achieve these objectives. The management program is the combination of those elements, which together result in a comprehensive approach to achieving the overall goal of the landowner.

In addition to helping clients achieve their objectives, Orion's management philosophy incorporates the three principle elements of sustainable forestry: economic viability, social responsibility and ecological protection.

Staff examining forest

When clients are beginning a new endeavor, we help them expedite the start-up process. Orion has the resources and ability to organize timber operations to run at maximum efficiency. Our mapping and inventory capabilities, complimented by growth and yield modeling and stand and stock tables, give us the ability to provide clients a wealth of information about their land.

Our clients benefit from our ability to initiate timber procurement, oversee and plan harvest operations, and negotiate contracts. We also take care of administration for our clients and provide timber marketing, log scaling and accounting services.

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