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Management Planning

Forest management planning is the process through which the landowner and forester work together to identify the resources and opportunities available on the property and clearly state the landowners objectives for managing these resources. Although forest management is usually associated with timber management, Orion can fully integrate timber with wildlife habitat and recreation management.


Management planning is a continuous process where new research, information and resource data flow to the manager. This new information needs to be evaluated for its relevance to the management situation of the ownership and integrated, where appropriate, into the plan. This is a common sense approach to management where management actions adapt to new information. The process has been captured in the term "adaptive management" as forest managers adopt new ecosystem approaches to management.

Orion Timberlands, LLC collects, reviews and incorporates where appropriate, all pertinent information, both scientific and social, which can be used to improve management of our clients forestlands to further the objective of meeting the landowner's goals and objectives to fulfill the recommendations and strategies of the management plan.

Orion has the ability to use state of the art GIS mapping to provide our clients with the most up-to-date and accurate maps of their lands. To further achieve our landowners goals, we collect, analyze, and report information on the status and trends of our clients forests, and can predict the future growth and yield of that forest. We provide our clients with a complete forest inventory and analysis, timber supply modeling, and growth and yield modeling.

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